Please read and follow these guidelines carefully.
Incorrect submissions are liable for rejection without review.

Register Number
You will need to register for the ESDA prize before you can submit your work. You will get an ESDA register number which you must quote in this field.

If you are already a TSI member then please note that the ESDA register number is different from the TSI register number. A TSI register number allows you to nominate, whereas an ESDA register number allows you to apply for being considered for the prize.
Please quote your name in full (as per Bank Account). Please do not use all capitals or all small. For example, Nitish Kumar Trivedi.
Email Your email id should be correct and reachable. If the email is unreachable the application will be deleted automatically.
The title of your Ph.D. Thesis.
The subject of your thesis. If your thesis is across multiple domains, please select the dominant subject it covers.
A single PDF of the covering letter, your complete thesis and the published research papers which were considered for your thesis. If there are published papers later to your thesis then these should be at the end.
The covering letter should clearly indicate which papers were considered for the award of your thesis and which are later.
A sample covering letter can be downloaded from HERE.
Any other comments which you consider as important for the prize committee to know.